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Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT)

I don’t know why I love this place. It’s kind of horrible, it’s somewhat unhealthy, but it has a certain charm.

Maybe it’s the people who wander helplessly among throngs of transit vets while looking up and bumping into people.

Or could it be those transit vets who have the commute trimmed down to the step. Second door, left side, clockwise around the stairwell (counter intuitive), and then two stepping it up the Gate 201 escalator.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m not there too often, but I know how it works. Downstairs to the private bus lines and upstairs for NJ Transit. I know to get tickets in the South Terminal where the lines are shorter, but when riding NJ Transit I can never find the right gate and I often miss my bus.

The more I ponder, I think it’s the movement, the randomness, the hundreds of daily destinations that intrigue me. I like to think that these are good folks going to good places to do good things. Bus-folk. I plan on buying some tickets for bus tours from PEI to NYC. I’m actually very excited to see the sights of NYC.

I guess that’s it; I like bus-folk.

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