50th Birthday Extravaganza Packing List 2014

February 5, 2014

We fly out from JFK at 5:40 AM on Saturday March 8th. And yes, the packing has already started. I’m at the making a list and checking it twice stage, but the day draws near!

I usually post my packing list before a Negril trip anyway, but this time it may actually be helpful to the newbees on trip number one.

Packing List – 50th Birthday Extravaganza – March 2014

- 2 pair – Swim Trunks (I may need to upgrade mine to something more stylish.) 
- 3 pairs – Shorts
- 1 pair – Gym Shorts
- 16 Assorted T-Shirts (Plan on two a day. I’m in country 8 days. It’s hot and t-shirts don’t take up much space.)
- 4 Hawaiian/Nice Shirts (Basically non t-shirt shirts. I don’t bring anything actually dressy.)
- 1 pair – Jeans (I wear them on the flight, so this isn’t technically a packing item.)
- 2 pairs – Socks
- 12 pairs – Boxers
- Flip Flops
- Running Shoes (LOL, as if I’ll be running. I wear these also . . .)  
- Hoodie
- 1 Hat - (Down from two, I’m in no mood to wear an Eagles hat . . .)
- Laundry Bag

Health & First-Aid
- Prescriptions
- First-Aid Kit (Simple, Band Aids, alcohol wipes, tweezers)
- Neosporin
- Sun Block 50 SPF – Spray on (Up from 30 because my sister Theresa nags me if I buy any less.)
- Chapstick
- Bug Repellent (Get the good stuff with at least 40% Deet. Jamaica skeeters ain’t no joke)
- Pepto Bismol (Tablets Individual Packets)
- Excedrin Extra Strength (Great for hangovers! Individual packets also)
- Vitamins
- Wet-Ones (This is my secret weapon, put them in the fridge as a quick cool-off remedy. Try it and you will thank me.)
- Misc over-the-counter drug packets. ( Dayquil, Imodium, Benedryl)

Mind and Body
- My Jamaica Journal – It’s a leather-bound journal Kristine got me years ago that I only use in Jamaica.
- Meditation Stuff – Buddha, candle, incense, cushion.
- Books - When I read actual books, I would leave one on the shelf in my room like a long-term lending library, but since I’m all Kindle and Audible now, I bring a completed book and leave it. This trip’s selection is “The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are” by Alan Watts.

My Reading List
- “The Heart Of Being” by John Daido Loori (Re-reading)
- “Midnight’s Children” by Salman Rushdie
- “Wyoming” by Iris Cushing

Toiletries & Shaving Supplies
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Floss
- Mouth Wash
- Shampoo
- Edwin Jagger 89BL Double-Edged Safety Razor
- Shaving Brush and Stand
- Assorted Shave Creams and Soaps
- Proraso After Shave Balm
- Alum Block
- Moisturizer
- Hair Brush
- Deodorant
- Nail Clippers
- Washcloth

Travel Supplies
- Passport
- Cash – a few hundred in 20′s, and $50 in singles for tipping
- ID, ATM Card, Credit Card
- Travel Wallet
- Plane Tickets
- Printed Hotel Reservations
- Pens (For the customs forms on the plane. Be a hero because no one on the plane has a damn pen)

Other Stuff
- iPhone - Camera, Camcorder and about a hundred other things . . .
- Netbook (I always say this, but this trip I plan to post a lot on various social media and on this blog)
- Flashlight
- Rain Poncho (I always bring, though I have never used)
- Travel Clock
- Sunglasses
- Breath Freshening Gum
(Keep in checked baggage only)
- Disposable Lighters
- Mini Leatherman
- Pocket Knife
- Waterproof Matches

Ok, folks see you in Negril!

Vinny (~~)

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