Guacamomlette Breakfast

December 10, 2013

Wow, recipes too!

This is an awesome low carb, good carb, low-calorie and low salt breakfast.

I cook most weekends so while I’m in chopping mode I prep veggies for the week making breakfasts like these quick and easy. I usually dice an onion or two, a few tomatoes, occasional mushrooms, peppers and a jalapeño or two. Also this is a recipe for one so do the math.

3 oz re-fried beans (many different brands and flavors Mexican brands have less salt)
3 oz egg whites (I use liquid egg whites)
1 ea avocado diced
2 oz diced tomato
2 oz dice red onion
1 oz minced jalapeño (sub sriracha hot sauce)
.5 ea lime for the juice (sub a squirt of lemon or lime juice)
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
.5 tbsp butter
.5 tsp fresh ground black pepper
.5 tsp garlic powder
2 tbsp Salsa (red or green)


  • Put the re-fried beans on a plate and microwave till hot.
  • In a hot pan add the olive oil, pepper and butter
  • Once the butter has melted add the onions.
  • Wait a few seconds and add the shrooms, tomato, jalapeño, avocado, lime juice and garlic powder and cook till it all comes together. It’s basically hot guacamole now.
  • Add the egg whites and cook to as hard as you like them. I use the egg whites only to hold everything together, and I like to brown them slightly on both sides.
  • Fold neatly on the plate with the beans, dump on the salsa and you are living good.
  • Total time with prepped veggies 6 minutes.
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