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Guacamomlette Breakfast

Wow, recipes too!

This is an awesome low carb, good carb, low-calorie and low salt breakfast.

I cook most weekends so while I’m in chopping mode I prep veggies for the week making breakfasts like these quick and easy. I usually dice an onion or two, a few tomatoes, occasional mushrooms, peppers and a jalapeño or two. Also this is a recipe for one so do the math.

3 oz re-fried beans (many different brands and flavors Mexican brands have less salt)
3 oz egg whites (I use liquid egg whites)
1 ea avocado diced
2 oz diced tomato
2 oz dice red onion
1 oz minced jalapeño (sub sriracha hot sauce)
.5 ea lime for the juice (sub a squirt of lemon or lime juice)
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
.5 tbsp butter
.5 tsp fresh ground black pepper
.5 tsp garlic powder
2 tbsp Salsa (red or green)


  • Put the re-fried beans on a plate and microwave till hot.
  • In a hot pan add the olive oil, pepper and butter
  • Once the butter has melted add the onions.
  • Wait a few seconds and add the shrooms, tomato, jalapeño, avocado, lime juice and garlic powder and cook till it all comes together. It’s basically hot guacamole now.
  • Add the egg whites and cook to as hard as you like them. I use the egg whites only to hold everything together, and I like to brown them slightly on both sides.
  • Fold neatly on the plate with the beans, dump on the salsa and you are living good.
  • Total time with prepped veggies 6 minutes.
  • Vinny (~~)

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    50th Birthday Extravaganza – Post #1

    The day is drawing near. The official countdown widget has been created. The plane tickets have been purchased, and the hotel has been booked. All we need to do now is Pack & Go!

    What am I talking about? Just the biggest most extra extravagant extravaganza in the history of Negril!

    Vinny’s 50th Birthday Extravaganza
    at the beautiful and famous Blue Cave Castle in sunny Negril, Jamaica!!

    March 10th, 2014

    The Blue Cave Castle Negril, Jamaica - Pic by Christine Joseph

    The Blue Cave Castle Negril, Jamaica – Pic by Christine Joseph

    Who’s all coming? Me. The Kid and Kevin. Mom & Dad. Betty Boop. My Brother Michael, his wife Amrita and the kiddos. The Lerches. Kaptain Kramer. The Eardley’s. A bunch of people from Chicago, and many others. The Castle is full, but there are sill rooms nearby.

    More to come as the details take shape . . .

    (~~) Vinny

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