Packing Slip for the End of the World . . .

December 11, 2012

How can I honor the last days of the Mayan long-count calendar? How about with a Packing List?

Packing List – December 2012

Clothes (Unless you’re going to Hedonism)
Ok, the Hedo joke rings a bit stale. Especially after that time me and . . . Umm, nevermind, I promised never to tell that story.
– 1 pair – Swim Trunks – Down from two, I almost never swim, and I hate getting salt water in my beer.
– 3 pairs – Cargo Shorts
– 1 pair – Gym Shorts – Down from three. Gym? Really? As if . . .
– 14 Assorted T-Shirts – Up from ten. I noticed the only one that has been with me since 2002 is my Sponge Bob shirt. A classic is always a classic.
– 3 Hawaiian Shirts – I’m realizing these are like my Jamaican uniform. Hmmm, might be time to reconsider.
– 1 pair – Jeans
– 2 pairs – Socks
– 12 pairs – Underwear
– Flip Flops
– Running Shoes (LOL, as if I’ll be running) – Ditto
– Light Jacket/Windbreaker – Hoodie (2012 update)
– 1 Hat – Down from two, I ain’t wearing that Eagles hat anywhere . . .
– Laundry Bag – I still think this is a great idea.

Health & First-Aid
– Prescriptions – These weren’t part of my 2005 world.
– First-Aid Kit (Simple, Band Aids, alcohol wipes, tweezers)
– Neosporin (For creepy crawly bites)
– Sun Block 50 SPF – Up from 15 because my sister nags me.
– Sun Block Stick 70 SPF (For my nose) – Up from 30 because I’d rather not get burned, I only blame my sister so as not to diminish my perceived machismo.
– Chapstick
– Bug Repellent – I went all natural organic friendly this time, we’ll see how it works. Stay tuned . . .
– Pepto Bismol (Individual serving packets, helps w/ humidity)
– Excedrin Extra Strength (Great for hangovers! Individual packets also)– This gets more and more vital with each trip. . .
– Vitamins (Which I buy in single serve packages anyway)
– Hand Sanitizer (Good when hand washing doesn’t permit itself)– Confession: I carry this stuff but I never use it . . .
– Wet-Ones (I put them in the fridge, Woo Hoo! Instant cooling!) – This is like my secret weapon. Go ahead and scoff. Try it and you will thank me.
– Condoms – And no, they are not the same ones since 2002 . . .

Mind and Body
– My Jamaica Journal – It’s a leather-bound journal Kristine got me a few years ago that I only use in Jamaica. – This is still with me, still not full. I haven’t used it on the last few trips. It’s become such an heirloom I’m afraid to lose it, but since it’s the “End of the World” trip, what the hey.
– Meditation travel stuff – Buddha, candle, incense, zafu.
– Books – Books? What’s a book? I used to enjoy leaving my book on the shelf in my room for the next inhabitant, but on my last few trips I’ve embraced my Kindle.
This trip I’m packing a pre-read book to leave on the shelf. So if the world doesn’t actually end subsequent Deluxe One Blue Cave Castle stayers can enjoy Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

– Christmas Lights – Two boxes to decorate my space at The Castle! I like to refer to them as Holiday Enlightenments . . .

Kindle – Reading List:

A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing by Lawrence Krauss

The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo by Tom Reiss

Jackpot: High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched the War on Drugs by Jason Ryan

Other Stuff
– iPhone – Camera, Camcorder and about a hundred other things . . .
– AAA Batteries – Energizer Max – 8 Pack
– Netbook (I plan to blog this trip daily!)– I always promise to blog daily, but I get all flubunged . . .
– Flashlight (De power go black a lot)
– Rain Poncho (for those afternoon storms)
– Disposable Lighters (Keep in checked baggage)
– Leatherman
– Pocket Knife
– Waterproof Matches
– Travel Clock
– Sunglasses
– Reading Glasses – Ouch :)
– Breath Freshening Gum (Red Stripe and Jerk Chicken are great, but . . .)
– LifeStraw – This is a personal water purifier a friend bought me for Xmas. I wasn’t gonna bring it, but it is the “End of the World” trip :)

(This is the boring part)
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Floss
– Mouth Wash
– Shampoo
– Disposable Razors
– Shave Cream
– Moisturizer
– Hair Brush
– Hand Lotion (Udder Cream is my fave)
– Deodorant
– Nail Clippers
– Towels – Washcloth

Travel Supplies
– Passport
– Money some 20?s, and $50 in singles for tipping
– ID, ATM Card, Credit Card
– Travel Wallet
– Plane Tickets
– Printed Hotel Reservations
– Pens (For the customs forms on the plane. I’ll be a hero because no one has a damn pen)

OK Mayans, the time has come. Now it’s put up or shut up!

Vinny (~~)

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