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Vinny pon de beech in Negril – September 2009

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Negril Bound!

Woo Hoo! Making my last minute packing decisions, stuffing the new suitcase, and having second thoughts on my book selections, which are all par for the course.

Flight info: Flying from JFK to Montego Bay on Air Jamaica Flight #0010 with a scheduled arrival time of 3:35PM.

Negril Transport: Usually I take the J.U.T.A. shuttle to Negril for $20US, but this trip with my parents I hired Kenny from Negril. Kenny will pick us up as soon as we clear Immigration and he’ll ferry us to sunny Negril in his big comfortable van stocked with snacks and Red Stripes.

Hotel: As usual it’s another stay at the wonderful Blue Cave Castle. I’ll be in Deluxe #1 and Mom and Dad will be in Superior #10 just across the yard near the coffee hut. Mom and Dad opted for a few creature comforts like a TV and Air Conditioning, though I’m not sure if Dad will be able to get the Giants game on Sunday.

Plans?: We don’t have much planned, there are a few things I’d like to do though. I’d like to do a beach day up at Half Moon Beach, and a day trip out to Black River and its environs. I’ve already tentatively booked Kenny for the Black River trip. I’m not sure if Mom will be cool with the fishing boat cruise up river, but I’m sure we will find some mutually accessible activities. I’d love to go out to Treasure Beach, and Alligator Pond, or up into Cockpit Country.

No matter what we choose we will have a great time! I’ll be posting with pics and news, so check back often!

Vinny (~~)

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Things to do in Negril – by Marko

I loved this list by my pal Marko, so I stole it (Shamelessly I might add).

  • Kuyaba for romantic dinner and drinks on da beach
  • Boat Bar for 200J Red Stripes on da beach
  • For Real for 150J Red Stripes on da beach
  • Selinas on Sunday for Brunch on da beach road
  • live webcasts Tuesday’s thru Sundays – say “Hi” to dem at home
  • Ossies or Best of the West for Jerk on da beach road
  • Sunrise for Italian or Pizza on da beach road
  • JahB’s on da beach road for Scooters, Food and Cottages
  • Jenny’s on da West End Rd for best prices on breakfast, lunch and dinner – “Special Cake”
  • Wild Thing for a sunset cruise and open bar
  • Royal Palm Reserve with Famous Vincent
  • White Sands for 2 for 1 specials on beach
  • 23/7 for drinks anytime on beach
  • Alfreds for breakfast on beach
  • Canoe on da West End Rd for great food and drinks – 200J Red Stripes
  • Fishing with Capt Stanely
  • Xtabi on da Cliffs for snorkeling and food and drinks
  • Bouborn for Jerk and live music on Monday Wed and Sat nights on da beach
  • Alfreds for live music Sun, Tues and Fri nights on da beach
  • Roots Bamboo on Wed nights on da beach
  • Wednesday nights “On the Rocks” has a party night dj playing on da West End Road
  • Charela Inn blues on Thursday nights on da beach
  • Tuesday nights at Negril Escape Sunset Show on da Cliffs
  • Late Tuesday nights at MiYard for live and direct DJ’s on da West End Rd
  • Famous Vincent for Snorkeling
  • Jungle on Thursday nights for Ladies Night on da beach road
  • Legends and SamSara Happy Hour 4 – 7PM
  • YellowBird Happy Hour 4 to sunset on da beach
  • Margaritaville popular all afternoon and good place to watch sports on a lot of TV’s on da beach…
  • Cosmos for food at da start of Negril
  • Kool Runnings Water Park on da beach road
  • Shamrock Shop on da beach road for coldest Red Stripe Beer and fresh squeezed OJ
  • LTU for Chicken Lola and pumkin soup on da Cliffs
  • SeaStar Inn on Sat nights for $15 buffet and entertainment on da corner of SeaStar Lane and West End Road
  • HiLo for changing money at da best rates
  • Cool Runnings,

    Thanks Marko!
    Vinny (~~)

    PS: When do you ever sleep?

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