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20 More Sleeps!

Just slipped under 20 days. I thought I’d be writing alot more about it, but everytime I sit with my journal, all I create is a steam of childlike excitement. Like that Disney commercial where the kid says “I’m too excited to sleep.”

I’m there dude!

By this time I’m usually packed, but this trip is more laid back. OK not really, I’ve just been busy on the weekends.

The trip is firming up, the calendar for the week is filling up. A lot of my Negril friends will be in town, it seems the entire cast of the message board will be around! I look forward to putting names with the faces.

My friend Dolores will be coming along for a few days, and we always seem to have a great time together.

So shoot me an email and I’ll send you my Rent-A-Cell number!

More to come…

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Birthday Blog

Yeah it’s my birthday, all bow and pay homage!

The big 42, entering my 43rd year. I feel I should be reflecting, thinking big thoughts, answering big questions, but it’s almost like every other day. I say almost because my Mom got me a Carvel ice cream cake!!

Normally Mom also makes me Manicotti on my birthday, pronounced ‘Mana-gott” in our house, but since it’s a Friday and the joint will be filled with Catholics, and at least one reforming Catholic, we’re going sans meat and settling for stuffed shells. It’s not really settling, my Mom makes awesome italian food especially for a girl from Limerick.

MMMM Ice Cream Cake…

MMMMMM Ice Cream Cake

Maybe I’ll get profound tomorrow or Saturday. For now it’s the Bogan “Birthday of the Week” month. My much older sister Anne on the 5th, baby Aidan the 8th, Me on the 10th and Michael the 28th. I’m sure I’m leaving someone out, but that’s it for the immediate family.

So, feel free to send cards, gifts, money and well wishes…


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It’s Gonna Be Blue Cave Castle!

Watercolor painting shamelessly stolen from Louise Drouin Robinson

OK, I know it wasn’t on my finalists list, but Petrona made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

It would have been a finalist, but the prices don’t drop till a few weeks after my target date. So I took a shot and emailed Petrona, the hotel’s manager, to see what was available. I was in luck, there were several openings, and she gave me an awesome deal.

She thanked me for writing nice things about her place. I didn’t write what I wrote so I would get deals, but it was a nice gesture.

I can’t be bought!! Can I?

My excitement level went up 50% since I booked. I downloaded Time Left and was suddenly a little depressed when it showed I had over 3.5 million seconds to go!

It looks like a great week for a Negril trip, quite a few Negril friends are going to be there, and my friend Dolores may pop down for a few days.

I guess it’s into eager traveler mode for me. I apologize in advance for being obnoxious and annoying for the next 40 days.

40 days and 40 nights!! Hey that doesn’t add up, it’s March 6, and I fly out April 16th. I guess it’s 40 days from Mardi Gras till Good Friday, not till Easter Sunday.

Oh Yes, I’m flying Easter Sunday, is there a better day to fly into Negril?

Re-Birth, Awakening, I’m there dude!

Peace :)


Painting shamelessly stolen from: Louise Drouin Robinson – LINK

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