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Negril Neighborhood Watch

I just thought this was hilarious :)

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Three Red Strip Crew

Erin and Patty were way cool! We were drunk 90% of the time we spent together, or at least I was :)

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Ricks Cafe – A Happy Tourist Trap

You gotta love Ricks Cafe’. Listed as one of the 10 best bars in the world. Every time I go to Negril someone wants to go there, so you always do. I haven’t been there sober enough OR wasted enough to cliff dive.

But what a view!!

They’ve seen it all!

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Our Secret Place on the Black River

At the pinacle of our trip far up the Black River (4-5 miles further than the “tourist” boats) was the most peaceful amazing dock. We relaxed, swam with the crocs and had a few Red Stripes at the most convenient little hut bar.

It was an awesome day!! Took the route taxi out and back, great memories!

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Up a river with Rasta George & Yasmine

Rasta George can be found in Black River, he’s a fantastic guide and you get your moneys worth and more!!

Yasmine was fearless! A world traveler born in Morroco currently living in Paris. She seemed amused by my American-ness.

This is me looking for crocs! Note the Phillies cap, I’m always in character.

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Vinny – Crocodile Hunter!!

Real Croc

Real ?

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Alan’s Tables – Negril Yoga Center

Alan in an amazing artist. He created these beautiful table tops from scraps of tiles he found in Negril.

And of course Alan himself, looking for ripe mangos with a friend!

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April ’04 The Negril Yoga Center

Awesome time! A beautiful quiet space right in the heart of Negril lower beach.

Nice cabin but no hot water! Refresh every morning!!

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