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First Trip to Tedds 2/02

Ya Mon!! What a great time we had a Tedds!! We had some great tea, and great conversation. Then it was back to Sandals for a “Couples Massage”. We were so busy giggling like school girls we had to confess to our masseuses what we had been doing!! Great Memories!!

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Sandals in ’02

Sandals was awesome!! But a little too awesome for me. I was pampered in luxury, the room was great, and I gained 10 pounds. Since it was my second trip to Negril I knew to get out and explore. So many people just stayed in the resort and maybe took a trip to Ricks.
Front Desk

From the Dock

And of course, cliff diving at Ricks Cafe! (I was such a tourist!)

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Doesn’t this part just kill you! This was taken in Feb ’02, before all the renovations and the new jetways.

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Dolores in Negril

This is my good friend Dolores during our week at Sandals in Feb 2002!

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Negril Beach 2/02

Here’s a view from the Sundowner Restaurant at Sandals.

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